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    Module 1

    What is an alcoholic drink?

    ABV stands for...

    A 330 ml can of beer contains __ units of alcohol

    Module 2

    Your body takes about __ to process 1 unit of alcohol

    You become drunk when you...

    True or False: Everyone processes alcohol in the same way

    Module 3

    Welcome to your Module 3

    Some possible short-term physical effects of excessive drinking include:

    Alcohol abuse can have emotional and mental consequences for you, your family and society.

    Alcohol abuse can lead to the following mental problems:

    Module 4

    Welcome to your Module 4

    Some of the reasons teenagers choose to drink include:

    Some of the consequences of underage drinking include:

    Underage drinking can affect young people's ability to make judgements and decisions as they grow into adulthood.

    Module 5

    Welcome to your Module 5

    Responsible consumption refers to the enjoyment of alcohol drinks by adults who choose to drink in a manner that does not harm others and minimises the risk of harm to themselves

    The advised maximum limit of consumption is...

    You can become a responsible consumer by doing the following:

    Module 6

    Welcome to your Module 6

    You only have a problem with alcohol if you drink every day

    Binge drinking if you haven't drunk in a couple of weeks is acceptable

    Alcohol can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle when consumed in moderation and responsibly